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Assumption of risk

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From 2016 the owners of holiday rental properties should register with the Registry of Tourism for their region of Spain, Broadly speaking the decree to classify ‘holiday rental accommodation’ is as follows:-

Holiday rental accommodations are considered to be properties located in a residential zone that are regularly offered for touristic purposes by financial transaction. In other words, they are promoted or marketed via tourism channels. A tourism channel is considered to be travel agencies, intermediary companies or those that provide tourist services and/or channels that include the possibility of making a reservation.

Excluded from this decree:

a) Homes that have guests where no financial transaction has taken place.

b) Dwellings contracted for more than two months continuously by the same tenant (long-term holiday rentals).

Spain Private Rentals can not guarantee that all properties listed are in compliance with the licensing laws, therefore The homeowner is considered to be legally accountable to the administration and holidaymakers, and to ensure the property meets the latest requirements.


Owner's are responsible for the calculation, collection, and remittance of any and all taxes to their local taxing authorities.

This includes any tourism, occupancy, and travel-related requirements relating to taxes, credit cards, data security, data and privacy, permits, planning, property registration with Spanish license requirements, local authority requirements, health and safety compliance and compliance with all anti-discrimination and housing laws, or other property restrictions as applicable. does not collect taxes from owners or renting travelers.


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